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Yes, you read right! We are also selling Bullshit Traffic!

But What Is Bullshit Traffic?

Bullshit traffic is what you get when you buy cheap traffic from other resellers online. You already know what it is. This is the traffic mostly generated by spammed domains, low-quality redirections, bots and all the things you can imagine that ruins all your efforts to have an effective online presence if not used properly. So, the question is:

“Why are you selling this kind of traffic?”

Because we know how you can use it and why.
Every kind of traffic has its own goal and “Bullshit Traffic” can be pure gold if it is used the right way.
And one of the important things is the price of course! As a bulk traffic provider, we are able to provide you
with the cheapest rate on the Net for non-filtered human traffic:
0,001$/hit means 10$/10,000 visits

Most of our customers use this kind of traffic together with a targeted human traffic pack to ensure the bests results.
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